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“Building repairs fail when poor contracts are signed.”

Mervin Fisher / President

Need help understanding what options are best for your building investment?

Consulting Partner to Building Owners and Facility Managers

BEAMUS is a consulting partner created to help commercial building owners, facility managers, and other professionals in the building industry get optimal performance, protection, and a high return from fluid-applied coatings on their building envelope components.

We focus on creating rejuvenation and restoration strategies for building envelope elements needing repair or replacement. As a front-runner in the fluid-applied industry, we have the exclusive knowledge and experience to address the most unique and complex needs.


Looking for the right commercial roofing service to install, repair, or replace your roof can be overwhelming. BEAMUS can guide you through the decision-making process to ensure you're covered.


Walls, pipes, railings; indoor or outdoor; corrosion protection and safety marking—industrial and commercial coatings needs vary. BEAMUS can help you choose the right contractor and type of coating for your specific application.


Finding an experienced epoxy flooring contractor is a challenging task. BEAMUS knows how to assess industrial and commercial areas so your floors get maximum longevity.

Building Envelope Assets Management U.S.

BEAMUS Services

Specializing in building envelope rejuvenation and restoration strategies to maximize your property investment.

Coating Consulting

BEAMUS will help you choose a fluid-applied membrane or waterproofing system to make your building envelope stronger—even stronger than when your building was brand new.

Strategy Consulting

BEAMUS will partner with you to engineer an appropriate solution, find the right contractor, and monitor and inspect progress at every stage of the installation process. 

Warranty Consulting

BEAMUS will review contracts and warranties to make sure you’re getting what you’re paying for. Holes in the big print and details in the fine print are critical to your project’s success.