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About us

Your consulting partner.


BEAMUS consultants are recognized and respected by manufacturers in the coating industry. Many manufacturers turn to us for consultation on the best approaches for designing coating systems and for evaluating failures.

We have years of experience working with coatings made by many different manufacturers including:

PPG | GAF | Neptune Coatings | Triton | Gaco | AWS |  Conklin | Karnak | Sherwin Williams | Acrolab  

Benefits of BEAMUS Consulting Services

Maximize your building investment.

Save your structure.

Save money.

Save time.

Gain peace of mind.

6 Challenges We Help You Overcome


It can be difficult to fully understand what you’re getting when contracting with a coating company.


Very few consultants and engineers understand the true benefits of fluid-applied membranes and coatings.


Many companies that sell and apply coatings do not have specialized expertise. They may apply an inadequate type of coating (e.g., “sunscreen” vs. “wetsuit” or “rubber glove”) or fail to apply it correctly.


Some companies “white label” manufacturers’ products and brand them as their own. These are often cheap coatings that provide only minimal protection.


Unpredictable weather conditions and no in-factory quality-control measures leave room for error if the application process isn’t managed properly.


Warranties are often restrictive and full of holes. Not all warranties or systems are created equal, and it can be challenging to decipher the details.

Advantages of Working

Peace of mind that you have an expert eye looking out for your investment.

Expertise and hands-on experience in rejuvenating and restoring roof, wall, and floor systems.

Saves your building envelope elements AND saves money by selecting the right product, manufacturer, and contractor.

Saves time because you can rely on our expertise rather than spend countless hours trying to research and learn all the facets of the fluid-applied coatings industry.

Our experience with a broad range of fluid-applied systems. We can design a rejuvenation plan to meet your unique, specific needs.