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Your building envelope consulting partner.

Consulting For All Things Coatings

BEAMUS will help you choose a fluid-applied membrane, coating, or waterproofing system that will make your building envelope stronger—even stronger than when it was brand new.

The BEAMUS Consulting Method at a Glance

A Conversation

We meet with you to learn about your building’s use, the current envelope protection system in place, your budget, and your goals.


We inspect and evaluate the interior and exterior structural components to fully understand the type of protection your building requires.

A Strategic Solution

Based on our extensive assessment, we create a rejuvenation plan that fits your budget, objectives, and timeline.

Quality Assurance

We oversee and inspect the contractor’s installation to ensure products are applied correctly and effectively.

Advantages of Coatings

With the correct coating, an existing building envelope component will be better able to withstand weather, wear, and tear.

When the right type of coating is selected and installed correctly, it's a long-lasting, sustainable solution. Coatings are renewable, giving the roof, wall, or floor, extended longevity.

A coating is much less costly than a replacement—it's a cost-effective solution that delivers long-term savings.

With extensive experience in the coatings industry, we know what systems work effectively on different surfaces and substrates. We also understand the ins and outs of what it takes to install them correctly with warranties that provide the most protection.

We empower you to make informed decisions about how to rejuvenate your roofs, walls, and floors so that your structure lasts longer with less ongoing maintenance.

Choosing the right coating—and the right manufacturer—is more complicated than many people realize. Exterior and interior factors influence the best systems for protecting the building envelope.